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You finished a course of German or reached a new level of language proficiency and you would like to finalize that step by taking one of the official German language exams? Excellent – we might just have the right course option for you then. 
Or would you like to work or study in Germany, facilitate bureaucratic efforts, or even settle down for good or apply for German citizenship? No Problem either. 

What We Offer

While we do not offer the exams ourselves, we provide a range of preparation courses which help you in reaching your goals and passing the exam you need or would like to pass.
Our experienced trainers are familiar with the exams and their setup. They help the exam candidates and guide them in their efforts to pass the exam and keep them focussed on what really matters. The teacher provides relevant material for your exam preparation. All exam tasks and exercises are explained and studied for. All 4 of the typical skills – reading, listening, writing and speaking – are addressed in each of the courses. 

You need to have reached an appropriate language level for the type of exam you aim for (at least A1) to attend an exam preparation course.
Contents & Aims:
In these courses, the focus is mostly on exam-related topics. We address all four basic skills in each course in accordance with the exam type and level aimed at. Each skill is practised with relevant and authentic material. In addition, the trainer provides you with strategic hints regarding the exam and how to tackle the various tasks and exercises. 
Course types
These courses are possible both as one-to-one or group courses, while a group course generally provides a more authentic preparation and course environment. Courses can be booked for all language levels and all relevant standardised exams and certificates. 

Course format:
Exam preparation courses are usually run on a regular basis (1 weekly session), but may also be more intense. Both face-to-face and online variants are possible.

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