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Do you already have a good knowledge of English? You’ve got good grammar, reading and listening skills, i.e. the basics?
You just couldn’t apply this knowledge out in the ‘real world’, in your job, on vacation, with colleagues or friends, in any satisfactory way?
Do you want to boost your confidence when it comes to speaking English?
Do you want to increase your fluency? Would you like to participate more actively in discussions with friends and/or colleagues?

If your answer is yes, then our conversation courses here at LingoSkop are the perfect opportunity for you!

What We Offer

You need to have finished a basic level of English (at least A1) to attend a conversation course.
Contents & Aims:
This course consists exclusively of speaking practice. We discuss a wide range of topics and strengthen your confidence in expressing your thoughts and opinions, providing feedback and correction when needed. This eventually results in improving your fluency and relieve any mental blockages and fears that might keep you from speaking freely in English.
For conversation courses, we typically do not use a course book. The teacher provides topics and discussion material to ensure a wide range, but learners can also provide input. Variety is key!

Course types:
We offer two types of conversation classes: 
Basic which is ideal for A1, A2 and B1 learners, and
Advanced which is suitable for levels B2, C1 and C2.

Course format:
Conversation courses are typically group courses run on a regular basis (1 weekly session). Both face-to-face and online variants are possible.

Other Course Options:

A1 English
A2 English
B1 English
B2 English
C1 English
C2 English
Business English
Exam Preparation English
Grammar Refresher English

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