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If you need English for your job, in your business function or your company – we have the right solutions for you!

English for Presentations, Meetings, E-Mailing, Telephoning

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Business English Courses


Business EnglishOur Business English Courses: English For Your Job

We offer Business courses in English for nearly all language levels and in all course formats. A general Business course in English gives you a linguistic overview over the various business functions. You learn about all the integral parts and extend your wordstock with business words and phrases.
Another type of Business course is more specialized and focuses on a particular business function in detail.

Some Business Functions


Your company language is English, you do business with British or American companies or customers or you want to improve your chances of getting a job abroad in an English-speaking country - then you should definitely brush up your Business English. Learn, for instance, about the intricacies of presenting in English and how phrases are used in various situations and scenarios. As so often, practice is key!
However, this is not a presentation skill training. Rather a chance to improve your English language skills in that particular area and gain some valuable feedback from our experienced trainers.
Presentations could form part of a general Business English course or else represent the core skill to be acquired in a more specialized course. The choice is yours!

Business Vocabulary

Business talk is quite different from your usual everyday English. Learn about words and phrases used in typical business functions and situations. Learn about this and extend your knowledge of English in our Business courses.

Reports & E-Mailing

When writing in English is important in your job, it is good to consider conventions regarding style and formality. E-Mailing, writing reports or minutes - all require the right combination of style, tone, level of formality and, of course, the right choice of words and phrases. In our Business courses, you learn about the rules involved, and also the unspoken conventions and guidelines you need. Our trainers will assist you in this process and provide valuable insights and feedback. Improving your writing skills requires a lot of practice.


You get a lot of calls from English-speaking colleagues or customers? You have to contact companies abroad in English? You don't feel quite up to this task? Then our Business course might be a good option for you. Learn all about English telephoning etiquette and important or useful words and phrases. Practice in role plays various business scenarios and situations and receive valuable and constructive feedback from our experienced business trainers. Telephoning is part of a general Business course, but could also be the central skill to be learnt in a more specialized Business course.

Meetings & Small Talk

If you work in an English-speaking company or often have meetings abroad, meetings and small talk in English are very frequent and important to be comfortable with. In our Business course, you can work on your fluency, your business vocabulary and learn about the intricacies and implicit rules for such situations. Learn the important phrases and words and apply them in realistic situations and scenarios. Our trainers practise these with you and give you hints and constructive and valuable feedback on your performance. Meetings & small talk can be part of a general Business course or else be the focus of a more specialized course in this area. The choice is yours!

Choose from a wide range of Business Course Formats


Our Course Formats

We offer a number of course formats you can choose from – also for your Business English course. These formats can be combined with any course at any language level.


Further course options:

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Conversation Course English
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