English Grammar Refresher Courses

English Grammar Refresher Courses

Our English Grammar Courses

Improve Or Brush Up On Your English: Our English Grammar Courses

Do you already have a fairly good knowledge of English? You’ve worked your way into the basic levels A1, A2 or even B1 – but somehow the grammar won’t stick or some of the structures are forgotten.
You understand, you speak and you write in English, but would like to improve on correctness?
Review some of the rules? Extend your insights? 
Reduce your number of mistakes significantly and gain more confidence – structures may help you here!

If the answer is yes, then our grammar refresher courses here at LingoSkop present the perfect opportunity for you!

What We Offer

Ideally, you have finished a slightly more advanced level of English (at least A2) to attend a refresher course.
Contents & Aims:
In this course, topics of discussion are exclusively grammar and structure related. We discuss a wide range of topics in accordance with the respective language level of the course and practise these. You can ask questions, receive valuable feedback and explanations as well as some hints from our experienced trainers.  
For grammar refresher courses, we typically do not use a course book. The teacher provides topics and discussion/practise material to ensure a wide enough range of topics.

Course types:
We offer grammar refresher classes on all language levels, most commonly A2 and upwards.

Course format:
Grammar refresher courses are typically group courses run on a regular basis (1 or more weekly sessions). It is also possible to have a one-to-one refresher course though. Both face-to-face and online variants are possible.

Other Course Options:

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