LingoSkop Course Formats

Our Course formats

One-to-one and group courses – 2 great course formats

One-to-one courses 

These courses are characterized by their intensity in training due to constant, direct contact with the trainer.
The learner is completely integrated into the target language training. He or she is constantly required to contribute and to co-operate to achieve the best results.
A well-balanced mix of training media guarantees the learner’s success and improvement of his/her language proficiency. It also contributes to a fruitful and easy-going productive learning environment. A brilliant choice if you would like to see immediate and fast results while maximizing individuality.

Group courses

A similar situation arises with (small) group courses (2-6 learners). However, the contact between trainer and learner isn’t quite as direct here. The individual coaching situation is adapted to match the specific needs of a group course.

Great advantages of these course types

  • highly intensive way of learning
  • individually flexible in functions and aims
  • very flexible schedules
  • noticeable improvement in over-all level of proficiency
  • possibility to adjust to all needs

Intensive courses and workshops – 2 more exciting course formats

Intensive courses 

These courses are particularly suitable for beginners or as a way to get back into the language for employees coming to work in Germany.


The aim in this case is to give the most extensive and above all the quickest-possible introduction to the German language in accordance with the specific needs and aims of your company / employee. The faster you can get around the first obstacles in language learning the easier it will be to interact and communicate within the company. Integration into central work processes will be possible very quickly.


This course model is especially effective with beginners. It combines the advantages of one-to-one training with a temporal limit and great flexibility.
In the case of already existing language knowledge, intensive courses are suitable to achieve quick improvements in language proficiency or to train particular competencies.
Various course types are possible, flexibly adjusted to the needs of your company / employee.
Ideally, the number of participants for intensives is restricted to 1-2 participants.


Workshops are suitable for learners with some knowledge of the language in (small) groups – or else as an accompaniment to an on-going one-to-one course / (small) group.
In workshops specific competencies, such as presentations, will be trained in several course blocks, where the aim is set on learning intensity and mastery of the business skill.

Advantages of these course models

  • quick introduction and start into the target language / quick mastery of business skills
  • functional adjustment following an individual needs analysis
  • flexible schedule and limited duration possible
  • temporal proximity and intensity of the course increases learning success

Online courses – our current no. 1 choice

Online courses have become increasingly popular over the last few years and especially so during the Corona times. All course types and formats can be organized as online courses. Please refer to the passages above on one-to-one and group courses, as well as intensives and workshops.
Online training is carried out by our experienced trainers using standard web conferencing software. This software takes the conventional course situation online imitating all the essential elements electronically. It is a fantastic opportunity and can offer so much in the direction of e-learning.

Advantages of online courses 

  • save on travel times and costs
  • significantly restrict the number of contacts
  • content is electronically available and can be shared
  • interactive and collaborative
  • where and when you want
  • plus all the advantages of the selected course mode