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A1-C2: Our English Courses

Learn A New Language? Have A Look At Our English Courses

Are you interested in learning a new language? Looking for a new challenge? If you think your English needs polishing up or improving, then you should maybe consider booking an English language course with us here at LingoSkop.

Your Advantages

A good level of proficiency in English provides you with all the advantages and benefits in your current or future job. Find out more about the English-speaking world and people and get to know their habits and culture.

Personalized Courses (A1 – C2)

We tailor our courses around your specific individual needs. We use only the most modern methods in language training and our English teachers are professional and experienced native speakers of English with a relevant university or college degree. We provide courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners

Our range covers both courses for everyday English as well as courses with a distinct business focus. Find out more!

Choose from a wide range of language courses


Our Course Types

LingoSkop One-to-one Courses

One-to-one courses English

Individual, one-to-one courses English in Stuttgart, both online and face-to-face.

LingoSkop Group Courses

Group courses English

Learn English in a motivating environment: small group courses, both online and face-to-face.

LingoSkop Intensive Course and Workshop

Intensive courses & workshops English

Intensive English courses for a quick start and specialized workshops.

LingoSkop Online Courses

Online courses English

We offer for most course types and levels an online option. Find out more about these courses.

Further Course Options:

A1 English
A2 English
B1 English
B2 English
C1 English
C2 English
Conversation Course English
Exam Preparation English
Grammar Refresher English
Business English

Our English Courses

General Information

Everyday English

Today, virtually everyone is personally affected and challenged by internationalisation.

New Language – New Perspective

With a basic knowledge of English you open up a whole new perspective. New contacts, new perspectives and cultures are waiting to be discovered.

Your Aims – Your Choice

You want to brush up or improve your English, you want to better understand what is going on in the English-speaking world?
Or do you want to work on previously attained knowledge in English, get a language proficiency certificate or rather prepare for it? 

Our English Courses

We offer training and preparation courses for English language certificates which are required to be able to study or work abroad in an English-speaking country.
Letters, e-mails, books in their original version – all that is possible.

Personalized Courses

Completely in accordance with your personal likes and needs in your language course: as a beginner or as an advanced learner, in individual or group courses, intensive or regular courses.
Our courses follow the suggestions laid out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Business English

Globalization And English in Your Job

In today’s increasingly dynamic and globalized environments companies and their employees  face innumerable and diverse new challenges.
International ties between companies and economies mean that employees often need to be sent abroad. One of the biggest challenges facing them are difficulties concerning interaction and communication in their new job.

Individualized Courses

In order to master these special challenges in the new surroundings it would be sensible to consider language courses which are specially tailored to meet your specific needs and targets. 
These courses not only train the language – the core skill – but also transport, explain, and help evaluate and understand cultural values and aspects which will help ease communication and interaction in the new surroundings. 

Tailored to Your Needs…

Completely in accordance with the specific wishes and needs of the learner and his company (following a needs analysis), each course will be individually adjusted and scheduled in the most flexible way.

…And Your Aims in Your Job

This ranges from purely functional every-day language to very specialized introductions to Business English. This contains language skills for presentations, negotiations, meetings, business communications, etc.

Course Location

Courses can be held in the company to keep time losses and schedule problems for your company and for the learner to a minimum or online using video conferencing tools.

Our Language Trainers

Our English Trainers

Our English Trainers are Qualified Native Speakers

If you decide to take an English course with us here at LingoSkop, the quality of the trainers at our language school is key.

We take good care that all our trainers are well-qualified native speakers of English with a university or college background in teaching, educational sciences or linguistics. All teachers have experience teaching individuals and groups.
In combination, we believe that this is crucial for your successful learning experience.

Additionally, our trainers are friendly and open, thus creating a pleasant, inspiring and yet professional learning situation and environment.

It is these factors in combination which guarantee learning success.

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