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Language Courses Business German and German as a Foreign Language (DaF)


In an ever more dynamic and globalized environment a company and its employees have to face innumerable and diverse new challenges. International interconnections amongst companies and economies means that they often need to send their employees abroad. One of the biggest challenges facing them are the difficulties concerning the interaction and communication in the new job.

In order to master these special challenges in the new surroundings it would be sensible to consider language courses which are specially tailored to meet your specific needs. These courses not only train the language - the core skill - but also transport, explain, and help evaluate and understand cultural values and aspects which will help ease communication and interaction in the new surroundings. Particularly suitable in this respect are intensive courses with regular individual or group follow-up courses in order to strengthen and intensify the learning experience and success. Other solutions are, of course, possible as well.

Completely in accordance with the specific wishes and needs of the learner and his company (carrying out of a needs analysis), each course will be individually adjusted and scheduled in the most flexible way. This ranges from purely functional every-day language to very specialized introductions to Business German (Click here for more info!). This contains language skills for presentations, negotiations, meetings, business communications, etc.
Courses will be held in the company to keep time losses and schedule problems for your company and for the learner to a minimum.

Private Students

Courses for private students: virtually everyone is personally affected and challenged by internationalisation. Without basic knowledge of English your annual holidays might be slightly more problematic, and you might never be able to talk to your nice foreign neighbour. New contacts, a new perspective, and a new culture are waiting to be discovered.

You want to brush up or improve your German, or you want to better integrate (keyword: integration courses) and understand people and their country? Or do you want to work on previously attained knowledge in German, get a language proficiency certificate or rather prepare for it? We offer training and preparation courses for Zertifikat Deutsch and the TestDaF or DSH exams which are required to be able to study in Germany.

Letters, emails, books in their original version - all that is possible. Completely in accordance with your personal likes and needs in your language course: as a beginner or as an advanced learner, in individual or group courses, intensives or regular courses.

The following course formats are offered:

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