Conversation Courses

Conversation Groups

A new service offered by LingoSkop targets conversation groups (English and German).
In these groups the learner benefits from a friendly and social atmosphere, in which the conversations and discussions take place in the target language, and they should feel able to talk freely about various general topics.
For the advanced learner it is of particular concern to lose or reduce the 'fear' of making mistakes whilst talking as well as interactively building and extending what they have learnt so far.

Target #1: to practice and improve conversational skills, and to become more secure using what has been learnt

Target #2: to be able to speak freely and comfortably - small talk

The path to success: this will be reached predominantly through group discussions on current and everyday events and corresponding topics. The groups are intended to be open groups.

If interested, please use the contact form and send me a short note. I will then contact you as soon as possible.